Create, collaborate, red-line, negotiate and e-Sign documents.

All-in-one, 70% faster

DocuCollab For Sales Teams

Increase deal velocity, reduce revenue risk and free-up 37% of sales rep’s time.

Generate, collaborate, review, send and track your sales documents, contracts and proposals from inside your CRM.

DocuCollab Salesforce demo

DocuCollab For Legal

How can law firms streamline document review chaos in corporate and M&A transactions?

Corporate transactions require sharing and review of large number of documents with several stakeholders. Attorneys at M&A law practices always struggle with large volume of emails, attachments and document ping-pong.

DocuCollab has developed a patent pending micro-collaboration software product that allows you to share just portions of your sensitive documents online for editing and review with your colleagues. DocuCollab not only helps your team finish document review and negotiation significantly faster, it also shields you from the hassle and risk from lost versions, lost inputs and email overload.

Download the DocuCollab corporate legal solution brief to learn how your corporate law practice can tame the email beast and accelerate results

Corporate Legal Solution Brief

TechBuzz Fall 2015 Finalist


DocuCollab selected as one of the 20 startups to take the stage at TechBUZZ Fall 2015

The Fall TechBUZZ in it’s third year, attracts nearly 500 applicants each year. Getting selected from this pool of highly competitive submissions is a recognition of DocuCollab’s innovative approach to enterprise document collaboration.


Collaboration redefined

  • Think beyond Sharepoint, Dropbox, Box
  • Collaborate on content inside your document
  • Control who can do what at paragraph level
  • Accelerate results and reduce stress

Productivity redefined

  • Save thousands of hours a year for teams
  • Finish document creation and review up to twice as fast
  • Improve document content quality

Security redefined

  • Paragraph level document security and edit permissions
  • Bullet proof audit trail of who did what and where
  • Ready for enterprise with robust security framework
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