DocuCollab for corporate legal teams

DocuCollab improves productivity and streamlines document review for corporate legal team

Advancing corporate legal teams to new level of productivity and compliance

Hint: Think beyond file sharing

DocuCollab allows corporate legal departments to easily manage and securely share documents for review and editing with business stakeholders, clients and external partners without the headache of email, attachments, version control and check-in/check-out.

Corporate legal team’s challenges that were unsolved until now

Legal documents creation, review  and negotiation comprises a major chunk of activities performed by corporate legal staff and attorneys. Whether it is a business transaction, corporate transaction or M&A process, the collaborative document drafting and review takes a center stage in their day to day life. Based on our research surveying large number of corporate counsels of fortune 500 global companies, few key themes emerged as key challenges faced by corporate legal teams.

This six page research paper outlines summary of our research about top challenges faced by corporate legal teams and how DocuCollab addresses these unmet needs.

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Key features

Parallel editing & review

Say goodbye to check-in/check-out and waiting for others to finish. Speed up your business with parallel document authoring and review.

Paragraph level security

Lock sections or hide paragraphs from certain people while allowing others to have full access inside same document.

Secure document sharing

Securely share a document with internal or external reviewers in one click for their edits and review.

Built-in task management and check-list

Use built-in collaborative check-list and task management to get tasks completed quickly. Manage and track your team’s tasks efficiently from one place.

Dynamic red-lining and document comparison

No need to run a separate document comparison and red-lining software. Get real-time change tracking and redlining to see what has changed in the document.

Business agility with guaranteed compliance

Protect your organization from risks by locking critical sections in your templates, while allowing business to negotiate other clauses. Now everybody wins.

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Bringing speed, agility and compliance for corporate legal teams

Every day corporate legal teams help business close transactions and are responsible for review and negotiation of large volume of documents with several stakeholders. Unfortunately today’s document management systems force people to work sequentially in a check-in/check-out mode or makes them exchange multiple versions via email. Both of these result in frustration, rework and increased risk.

DocuCollab offers a modern approach to document sharing for corporate legal teams that accelerates complex document authoring and review by 3 to 4 times and provides finer grain control to ensure compliance. Want to see this in action?

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