DocuCollab for law firms

Make your law firm stand out from the competition as an innovative, efficient and client-centric practice with the power of DocuCollab

Hint: Think outside the "Box", Think beyond file sharing

Get your employees, clients and partners delighted by eliminating their slow and chaotic document sharing with secure, real-time and collaborative document review. DocuCollab allows law firms to stand out from the competition with a whole new level of productivity, efficiency, client satisfaction.

DocuCollab for law firms

How can law firms streamline document review chaos in corporate and M&A transactions?

Corporate transactions require sharing and review of large number of documents with several stakeholders. Attorneys at M&A law practices always struggle with large volume of emails, attachments and document ping-pong.

DocuCollab has developed a patent pending micro-collaboration software product that allows you to share just portions of your sensitive documents online for editing and review with your colleagues. DocuCollab not only helps your team finish document review and negotiation significantly faster, it also shields you from the hassle and risk from lost versions, lost inputs and email overload.

Download the DocuCollab corporate legal solution brief to learn how your corporate law practice can tame the email beast and accelerate results

Corporate Legal Solution Brief

Document collaboration speed, agility and security for modern law firms

Are you stuck with your document sharing and collaboration software that slows you down and ties you back to your desk? Is your system unable to support the new generation of uber-connected and mobile attorneys who need to respond fast to clients request in today’s fast paced business climate. Unfortunately all of today’s document management solutions work on the same approach, file level access control, sequential check-in/check-out and exchanging different versions as email attachments.

DocuCollab for law firms offers a modern approach to document sharing and review that accelerates document authoring, sharing and review by 3 to 4 times, enables parallel editing and review by multiple reviewers and provides paragraph level content access control to ensure sensitive data in the document is only seen by the right person.

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Secure document sharing

Securely share a document with internal or external reviewers in one click for their edits and review.

Parallel editing & review

Say goodbye to check-in/check-out and waiting for others to finish. Speed up your business with parallel document authoring and review.

Paragraph level security

Lock sections or hide paragraphs from certain people while allowing others to have full access inside same document.

Knowledge management and training

Use DocuCollab’s document life-cycle replay to train your new team members. Easy replay and full tracking of who did what, where and when in the document.

Dynamic red-lining and document comparison

No need to run a separate document comparison and red-lining software. Get real-time change tracking and redlining to see what has changed in the document.

Chat inside the document at paragraph level

Eliminate email trails and discuss document changes in a chat inside the document right next to the paragraph. Review all discussions anytime in it’s original context.

Built-in task management and check-list

Use built-in collaborative check-list and task management to get tasks completed quickly. Manage and track your team’s tasks efficiently from one place.

Tight integration with MS Office

Full bi-directional integration with Microsoft Word and office suite of products.

Innovative client data rooms

Create secure data rooms for your clients that goes beyond just file sharing. Wow your clients with collaborative document review and editing.

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