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DocuCollab is a breakthrough document collaboration technology that allows a team to collaboratively edit and review documents with access permissions assigned to users at section level.

Now no more manual merging of edits, no more multiple versions of document. With DocuCollab, you make writing assignments and everyone works on the same document simultaneously. Team members can see and edit only their respective sections, while leader can see the entire document. All edits and comments appear in real time inside the document with MS Word like change tracking for every user


Your documents on the go

Now you do not need to be in the office to create a document or start a collaboration. You can from any device 

  • Create and edit a new document with our beautiful editor 
  • Upload a Word document from cloud or your desktop 
  • Select an existing template to start a new collaboration
On the goscreen


Do more than just sharing files

  • Don’t just share files, collaborate on content inside the document
  • Invite your team to collaboratively edit and review your document
  • Always single version of your document, the one you see.


Control who can see and do what.

Assign or change edit permissions ( Edit, View or None) for each participant down to paragraph level. Now you don’t need to create multiple documents just to protect sensitive contents. 



Collaboration on autopilot

  • No manual merging of edits, every one works on same document
  • Real time collaborative editing with different color assigned to each user.
  • Selectively turn on or off markup for one or more reviewer at a time
Mobile first design





Chat with team members inside the document

  • No email chains to discuss feedback.
  • Provide and reply to chat at paragraph level
  • See discussions related to each change in one place
  • All knowledge and context of edits stay inside the document.


Bring your team together with a shared checklist 

With one click, create a deceptively simple yet powerful tracking tool right inside your document. Now your entire team can see the status of critical tasks. Task owners can mark their tasks complete when they are done.


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