DocuCollab for Salesforce

DocuCollab is a document review and negotiation solution that shortens sales cycle by eliminating email based document negotiation with automatd real-time collaborative document negotiation

DocuCollab Bridges Document Disconnect

The last mile document disconnect in sales

Although enterprise investment in CRM and other sales applications continues to grow, the “last mile” of the sales process often requires exchanging information in document form to complete a transaction; obtain approvals, sign-offs, or acknowledgements; or enlist others for review and collaboration, including both internal and external stakeholders.

Despite these  investments in CRM and other applications, 77% of business leaders say automation gaps and a lack of integration between their existing systems adversely impact the quality of the customer experience they can provide.

The document disconnect in sales

DocuCollab for

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Learn how you can put your sales document review and negotiation on autopilot and get more than 40% of your time back for selling

Anytime anywhere access to your sales documents

Start document review with confidence. Access your latest corporate templates and active deal documents wherever you are.

One click document sharing from Salesforce

Securely share sales documents for edits and review with internal and client team in one click from inside your opportunity.

Simultaneous editing & review

Finalize negotiations faster with simultaneous editing & review. No check-in/check-out or version control nightmare. Now everyone always works on the same version, the latest version.

Assured compliance with paragraph level security

Ensure compliance by controlling reviewers access levels down to paragraph level and make your legal department happy.

E.g. sales engineer can only edit Statement of Work, legal counsel can edit entire document. Make non-negotiable clauses “read-only” during client negotiations.

Chat inside the document at paragraph level

Eliminate email trails and discuss document changes in a chat inside the document right next to the paragraph. Review all discussions anytime in it’s original context.

Dynamic red-lining and document comparison

No need to manually generate a red-line report for your VP of Sales. Get change tracking and redlining online in real time to see what has changed in the document.

Built-in task management and check-list

Use built-in collaborative check-list and task management to get tasks completed quickly. Manage and track your team’s tasks efficiently from one place.

Tight integration with MS Office

Full bi-directional integration with Microsoft Word and office suite of products.

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