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Automate and accelerate your contracts, proposals, quotes and other document transactions by up to 70% using DocuCollab Contract Management Software


DocuCollab integrates with the top business tools you use every day. Manage documents from within every major CRM and payment solutions to help consolidate tools.


DocuCollab  has the features to help any company save time and close business faster. Gain control of your document process with automation, analytics, and team management.


DocuCollab is built on the same AES-256 encryption that enterprise organizations and financial institutions around the world rely on to protect their intellectual property.

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15% higher value per deal

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30% higher close rates

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50% less busy work

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100% accuracy & compliance

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Collaboration redefined

  • Think beyond Sharepoint, Dropbox, Box
  • Collaborate on content inside your document
  • Control who can do what at paragraph level
  • Accelerate results and reduce stress

Productivity redefined

  • Save thousands of hours a year for teams
  • Finish document creation and review up to twice as fast
  • Improve document content quality

Security redefined

  • Paragraph level document security and edit permissions
  • Bullet proof audit trail of who did what and where
  • Ready for enterprise with robust security framework

Collaborative Editing

Real time collaborative document authoring on any device speeding up the e-signature of critical business documents

Conversation Channels

Transforms every document into a separate conversation eliminating lost documents and version control issues

Paragraph Level Security

Lock or hide the contents of documents at the paragraph level by controlling digital rights to protect confidential data

Integrated Data from CRM

Integrates with enterprise data sources such as CRM, ERP, HRMS ensuring that data in the document is never incorrect

Real Time Change Tracking

Edits appear in real time to each reviewer with color based changes tracking like MS Word

Secure External File Sharing

Securely share documents with internal or external reviewers for anytime editing on any device

Contract Management Software For Legal Departments - DocuCollab

DocuCollab For Legal

How does your company create, review and manage sensitive legal documents?

Legal forms, letters and corporate transactions are the backbone of the legal world. Companies are often overwhelmed with the amount of documents they exchange everyday using insecure document storage platforms and emails. Legal data has to be handled very carefully and at the same time be available to other managers and employees.

DocuCollab has developed a patent pending micro-collaboration contract management software that makes collaboration on documents much easier. You will control the access to the documents and share only the portions of the document that need editing. DocuCollab is a simple way to minimize email overload and maximize productivity – your team will finish reviewing documents and negotiations significantly faster.

DocuCollab is an innovative addition to your company which will become an irreplaceable everyday contract management tool. Sign up here to get started and realize the value of DocuCollab contract management software for small business today.

DocuCollab For Sales

Is contract negotiation stopping you from making more sales?

DocuCollab, the most efficient enterprise contract management software is the answer to all your problems!

As a target driven sales person the last point of the sales cycle is to get the contract signed. Many sales people struggle with multiple emails, calls and correspondence to edit a document in order to make it right for both parties.

DocuCollab, the perfect contract management software for sales gives you the advantage of document storing features, real-time editing and feedback which will increase your sales team productivity by up to 70%! Import your data from your CRM, create drafts, send messages via integrated chat function and bring your team together to collaborate on a document in real time. Your clients will benefit from a prompt customer service that will boost confidence in your services and brand.

DocuCollab will ensure that your contracts are signed quicker and your team can focus on selling instead of admin. Invest in the best Contract Management Software for salesforce and experience the difference!

DocuCollab will ensure that your contracts are signed quicker and your team can focus on selling instead of admin.

Contract Management Software For Sales - DocuCollab


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