Document Collaboration: DocuCollab vs Email

If you look at the bigger picture of your company, you’ll most likely agree that documents and data forms an integral part of it. Just think about the daily processes – sales teams rely on correct client data, HR department is dealing with loads of training and onboarding material, the finance department is working with confidential and business-sensitive information. Documents are a necessary part of any organization and quickly becoming more collaborative in nature. As organizations move toward digitizing their business processes, the collaborative document editing and review performed using emails and word processors tend to be more problematic, error-prone […]

Sales Proposals Best Practices

Sales proposal – may sound as a dreadful word for any salesperson, especially when you don’t know where to start. When a prospect asks you to send a proposal, you may consider that you have the deal in the bag, however the reality is that you still have a long way to go. The best approach rarely is to open a blank document and start typing. Instead, you should take a pause and think about how you are able to use the proposal process as an opportunity advancement process.

There are several types of proposals – the short ones that only […]

Documents That Routinely Waste Your Productive Time

One of the most relevant questions every company asks is “how to make business processes more efficient?”, this is especially important in meetings, training and reporting. Document management systems nowadays are a huge asset to any business that automates and streamlines daily processes, ensures better visibility and control.
Read on to learn HOW companies can improve their document management processes to reduce time spend on admin tasks and boost productivity.

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

NDAs are particularly important when you’re disclosing sensitive business information and want to avoid illegal use or information abuse. Before starting to draft an NDA, you need to know what […]