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6 factors to evaluate the right contract management software for the legal counsels & teams

Contract management, sometimes also mentioned as contract administration, refers to the processes and procedures that companies may implement in order to manage the negotiation, execution, performance, modification and termination of contracts with various parties including customers, vendors, distributors, contractors and employees.

Contracting is one of the most crucial activities in determining the success of any business arrangement, and shall not be considered as the jobs to be done by the lawyers only. There are multiple stakeholders involved in completing any contract.
This article is mainly targeted for the legal counsels as well as the internal/external legal teams.

Here are the six key factors […]

Five things you must know about the Smart Contracts

Computer scientist and legal scholar Nick Szabo first proposed the idea of smart contracts two decades ago. He suggested that the decentralized ledger could be used for smart contracts, otherwise called self-executing contracts, or digital contracts.

Today, even if the actual use of smart legal contracts remains largely in the future, the idea has gone mainstream.

You might have heard this term many a times and would be thinking about it often. This quick article is aimed at providing you a very brief overview of smart contracts, its usage and key benefits.

What exactly is a ‘smart contract’?
Smart contracts are really just pieces […]

Five priorities for the corporate law firm’s technology innovation team

As per the Global Deloitte CIO survey 2016-17, more than half of CIOs see innovation as a key priority, but they also feel that Managing Partners / CEOs are so risk-averse they are unable to get the money to fund the innovation.

Many international firms today have dedicated ‘Innovation Teams’ that are tasked with looking at new technologies and provide innovation strategies for the legal firms’ future.

Legal tech applications range from expediting document searches to helping predict the outcome of lawsuits, to managing complex cross-border M&A transactions through the deployment of project management tools and software. Furthemore, companies in this space […]

Eight factors to evaluate the best contract management software for your organization

If you are reading this article, or if you’ve just stumbled upon it on internet, chances are that you are either in the process of finding the right contract management software solution for your company, or you have already shortlisted some providers. This article can help you in making the right decision for selecting the best contract management software solution for your business.

1. Smooth implementation & ease of use
It’s very important that you find a contract life cycle management software that offers the ease of implementation and use for your employees. Implementing new software in any company is an experience […]