Even for experienced salespeople and sales leaders, it is not unusual to occasionally hit a wall — even fear — when it comes to making cold calls.

Here are a few tips to put you at ease:

Today will soon be done. Essentially, my encouragement to you is to stay positive and remember that one challenging day with some cold calling does not define your week, month or year.

If you sit in an open area where your colleagues can hear you on the phone, remind yourself that people pay less attention than we think they do. You may feel self conscious and think people around you are picking apart every word you are saying, when in reality they likely aren’t even listening.

Be yourself and remember the reason you are calling in the first place is that you have something that can help the customer. This is a powerful and motivating force — knowing that you can help someone.

Let your personality come through, because people want to talk to a real person, not someone who sounds like they are reading from a script.

At the end of the day, celebrate your successes, whatever they may be. Leave your work day feeling good about what you did and tell yourself that your goal is to do slightly better tomorrow. Incremental increases add up to big successes over time.


*This article has been originally written by Mark Hunter and can be checked here

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