If you look at the bigger picture of your company, you’ll most likely agree that documents and data forms an integral part of it. Just think about the daily processes – sales teams rely on correct client data, HR department is dealing with loads of training and onboarding material, the finance department is working with confidential and business-sensitive information. Documents are a necessary part of any organization and quickly becoming more collaborative in nature. As organizations move toward digitizing their business processes, the collaborative document editing and review performed using emails and word processors tend to be more problematic, error-prone and fragile. Document collaboration tool

Let us discuss the main problems that arise when you edit and review your documents via email:

  1. Time-consuming – in the situation where you have to work on a document with more than two persons, the task of reviewing and editing a document becomes much more difficult: you receive several versions of the same document and need to ensure all edits are incorporated into one final version.
  2. Lack of traceability – it’s impossible to track the changes made on the document when you check it on email, unless the person adds their name and the date and the time when the document was last changed.
  3. Version control – by editing document via email there’s a risk of working on the old version of a document and even worse – you can finish and send the incorrect, old version of the document.
  4. Email overload – emails are not only restricting (you cannot exceed a certain file size when adding an attachment) but also can quickly overflow your inbox. If you imagine that with each small document update you are receiving an email with an attachment, it quickly becomes messy and you can get lost in different versions very easy.  
  5. Security – based on the findings by Breach Level Index, 554 million records have been lost or stolen in 2016 so companies should really take care of how they handle their documents. If you accidentally send an email to a wrong person containing sensitive client information, your company may be in trouble. Emails are not a secure way of sharing documents yet many companies still practice this method.

All of the above problems can be easily solved with a document collaboration software. Document collaboration toolYour company will notice the changes instantly as document review and editing cycle becomes visibly shorter. In fact, DocuCollab document collaboration software helps you create, review and finalize any document up to 70% faster with 40% less effort, which means your team is more productive and can focus on more important tasks.

DocuCollab can improve your collaborative environment in these steps:

  • Streamlined communication – it’s easy to add comments and receive feedback without having to switch to another window. An integrated chat function lets you speak to a person working on the same project thus reducing the time it takes to send an email and prepare an attachment – you can make simultaneous changes on-the-go.
  • Real-time document editingDocuCollab ensures all of the team is working on the same version of the document and you can oversee its creation and development cycle from start to finish. By completely eliminating email and attachments from the process and allowing every reviewer to edit the common copy in real time, teams are able to review, revise and send important contracts and proposals in hours.
  • Easy retrieval – whenever you need to find a certain phrase or paragraph, document collaboration software lets you quickly and effortlessly locate the necessary information. You will never lose a document or lose the track of the changes – all sensitive and confidential documents are securely stored.
  • Reduce risks – thanks to DocuCollab you can lock a certain part of the document to prevent it from being changed. You’ll also be able to track the changes, prevent any unauthorized access and use.
  • Manage workflow – it’s never been easier to add notifications and set alerts with a document collaboration system. You have a full visibility of the project and can see what stage the document is at and how long it takes to finalize it.

DocuCollab is a powerful document collaboration and management tool that replaces archaic email document management. It enables teams to collaborate on the same project, manage business documents and edit it on any device at any time. We are here to help you streamline your business, that’s why we offer a free demo to see how DocuCollab can work for your company. You can contact our sales team or book a demo here


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