4 hours – this is how much time a sales rep spends every day sending emails, doing follow up calls and other admin. Can you imagine how many hours per week your sales team is losing due to the lack of automation and management? It can be easily improved with task automation and document templates. It’s time to change your game plan and equip your sales team with the latest technology. This is where document collaboration and management system excels. In this article, we share our best practices to use DocuCollab as a way to accelerate any sales process.

1. Draft and finalize proposals quicker

Document generation should not take up a full working day. Rushing through your emails, exchanging information can turn your daily working routine into chaos, plus it’s easy to get lost in all the information or lose an important document. The first impression can greatly impact your future business so there cannot be any room for errors. Thanks to DocuCollab, you can automate document creation: use pre-made templates, easily retrieve previously sent proposals or insert snippets in a few clicks. With the right content, sales reps can immediately access, use and reuse the information, which results in proposals being sent and signed quicker.

2. Import your data from CRM

One of the most important and useful features of our document management software is the ability to import all your client data into a document. Our software integrates smoothly with CRM, ERP and HRMS ensuring all the data is correct. Whenever you are working with customer related documents like proposals, contracts, presentations and quotes, you can easily locate and retrieve them which means less hassle, less time spent searching the data and better customer service.

3. Easier collaboration

Reaching your sales goals require good communication and focus. Improve Your Sales Process with Document Management SoftwareIt’s easy to get distracted when you are surrounded by piles of documents. DocuCollab gives you the advantage of not only automating your processes but also instant communication with other departments. When you combine the expertise of your sales team into one centralised place, it’s much easier to track changes, prevent errors, spelling mistakes and ensure the document is compliant with the latest standards. You can edit a document with others simultaneously, add notifications and create alerts, which means the projects are finalized quicker and your sales team can focus on sales while maintaining efficiency and accuracy of the documents. If you want to learn how to ensure smooth and efficient collaboration between sales and legal (or other) departments, we’ve written a helpful blog post outlining best approach to it.

4. Store and access documents instantly

If you want your sales team and your office to be productive, it’s important to be organized and have set procedures. Improve Your Sales Process with Document Management SoftwareHaving a centralised document management system is a perfect way to manage all electronic documents – you can create a content library where all pre-approved clauses and excerpts are out; you can store your documents into separate folders and make it easier to retrieve. All the versions of stored documents will be up-to-date, so you and your sales team don’t have to worry about using the outdated version and provide incorrect information to the prospect. Whenever you have an important call with a prospect, you can retrieve past contract in seconds, send the document and get the deal sealed much faster – in fact, our software has proven to reduce negotiation cycle and increase productivity by up to 70%.

5. Analyze and improve processes

As mentioned above, DocuCollab gathers all your team’s brainpower into one central system which significantly reduces document creation time. As the owner of the project, you’re able to oversee the full document development cycle, from the first draft to the final stage, and see where the document got “stuck” or which document creation processes need improvement. Our document management system gives you full visibility and control, so you can take notes, fix and change processes to continue improving and to see which practices work best.

It’s evident that in order to survive in today’s digital world, you have to be innovative and have a well-trained and equipped sales team. There’s no better way of streamlining your business than using document collaboration and management software which easily integrates with your daily workflow. Check DocuCollab here or contact us if you have any questions – we’re sure to find the best solution for your business.