Proposals are the foundation for every business relationship. Organizations that deal with proposals, both inflow, and outflow, require agile proposal management software that helps them to sort their proposal activities meticulously. The proposal structure and the details given therein must be crafted with care since proposals are the first impression that a company puts forth in terms of business. A quality proposal is an amalgamation of a plethora of aspects that set it apart and provides positive imagery about the company. A few tips for improving the quality of proposals are,

  1. Systematic Creation of the Proposal Content

    When the content that constitutes the proposal document is not coherent and is scattered around the place, it tends to lose the interest and focus of the readers. It is essential for the proposal document to be well-organized, where the content delivers the proposal’s objective. A sturdy proposal management software enables the proposal team to brainstorm, create, edit, and review the draft systematically. When the inputs pertaining to the proposal are copy edited and structured fluidly, it is guaranteed to grab the attention of the investors/clients instantly.

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  2. Well-Organized Repository

    A benefit that the contemporary proposal management software offers is the feature of organizing the proposals in the repository. For companies that handle proposals regularly, it might get chaotic and confusing to track and monitor all the proposals. With proposal management software, the users can effortlessly organize the proposals according to the business nature, year of initiation, client, etc, in separate folders, which facilitates better management. The chances of clerical error are reduced by manifold through this systematic method.

  3. Templating

    Many a time, proposals follow a templating style, where the salesperson enters the necessary details in the template and gets a perfect output. Templating saves time and increases efficiency. Selecting and customizing the templates based on the nature of the business or the clients will greatly help the team to accelerate the proposal creation process. By segregating and categorizing the templates, the team is enabled to create and send proposals well within a fixed time.

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  4. eSignatures

    One of the best tips in reducing the time and effort involved in ensuring the quality of a proposal document is by incorporating the eSign feature. Proposals require communication and amendments before it could be accepted by all the involved parties. Traditionally the documents were sent back and forth via email before it gets accepted and approved for execution. With the eSignature feature, companies can instantly approve the documents by digitally signing it. The eSignature feature greatly improves the quality of proposal management and execution.

  5. Expedite Processes

    The biggest challenge that companies face when it comes to managing the proposal process. Automating the proposal processes with the help of a reliable Proposal Management Software expedites the proposal activities and helps in enhancing the efficiency of the proposal team. With the software, redundant data can be eliminated effectively, and data entry processes, where repeated data is required to be fed in the system can be automated completely. By linking with the CRM system, the details required in preparing proposals and subsidiary documents can be effortlessly automated.

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  6. Auditing of Processes

    The efficiency and the performance of the processes and the proposals can be easily measured through auditing it comprehensively. Auditing the processes will give an insight into the quality of proposal activities, which can be replaced or made better by instilling best practices. Through auditing, the length, the context of the content, and many such parameters can be checked monitored.

  7. Internal Review

    Proposals that are sent without a proper review is a risk for the business. With the proposal management software, the team can update their inputs in the system while the manager reviews it and make necessary changes before sending it forth. It also has the feature of track changes, where every minor change will be duly recorded for the manager’s review. The proposal quality can be controlled and managed through these effective measures.

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