Automation has occupied our lives! Right from housekeeping to industrial activities, almost all jobs are simplified and streamlined with the assistance of automation. The proposal process is no different from this. Proposal management software has expedited the proposal activities by manifold and facilitated a better administration of proposal affairs. The benefits of an automated management system are wide and varied, and condensed process-flow to a greater extent. In the current era, automation of processes has become a necessity to cut down costs and improve operational efficiency. Adopting agile software, especially for the management of the proposal process, is essential to drive efficiency and better proposal administration. If you’re considering automating your proposal process, here are a few important factors to consider to ensure a seamless conversion to an automated platform.

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  1. Selection of Software

    Automating the proposal processes by installing software is pretty simple. However, it is imperative for the organization to understand the choices in software available in the market, before making the big leap. An agile end-to-end proposal management software will have essential features such as a centralized repository system, effective creation, drafting, execution of the proposal documents, eSignature features, and more. The purpose of automating the process is to ensure that the activities are well managed, controlled, and to obtain an overall insight into the proposal performance. Hence, it is essential to select software that provides maximum benefits and reduces the operational costs for the organization.

  2. Proposal Content

    Although it is easy to automate and template the proposal content and use it to create and execute proposal documents instantly, the proposal team must monitor and review the content regularly to avoid mistakes & repetitions. Content can become outdated in a matter of a few weeks and the chances of the proposal losing its uniqueness, relevancy, and interest are high. Automating the proposal content is an effective measure to save time but over-using it can lead to the proposal being ignored or even blacklisted. Focus on providing refreshing and unique content that is relevant to the current economic condition and market trends. Personalizing the proposal content can increase the closure rates considerably. Be on top of the developments and structure the content with the help of professional content writers to achieve the proposal activity goals.

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  3. Regular Review of Templates

    Automating the proposal process does not equate to a lazy, one-time job, where templates are used for every proposal creation project. There is no one-format-fits-all template. The proposal team must review the nature of the business, the industry vertical, and many such parameters before templating a proposal. Repetitiveness might cause boredom since contemporary organizations look for modern proposals that are professional, witty, and informative. If you’re going to template the proposal, make sure that the templates are regularly reviewed, customized, and amended to suit the nature of the clients.

  4. Manual Cognizance

    Automation can get you only so far but it takes human-level knowledge and understanding in making informed decisions. For example, the proposal management software can provide you with monthly analytics of the performance of proposals. But it is the expertise of the proposal team and the management to analyze, evaluate, and make important decisions based on the data provided. Ensure that your proposal team is well-equipped to meet such important requirements of the organization. Automation of proposals can provide insights, however, it is the knowledge and experience of the team that enables the organization to grow and improve its efficiency.

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    Automation can expedite the proposal process by manifold and help the organization to measure the performance and productivity levels. Operational efficiency can be achieved only if the agility of automation is equally matched by the expertise of the proposal team. Ensuring that both the factors are on track will increase the proposal productivity as well as the closure rate.

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