Creating proposals has become an effortless affair with Proposal Management Software. But even with an agile proposal software, companies suffer rejection due to incompetence on the part of the proposal team. Being the first step towards a potentially profitable and lasting business relationship, proposals must be designed to impress rather than just being informative. The companies of the current era look for proposals that have out-of-the-box elements and unique original concepts that reflect the brand values. Gone are the days when proposal templates were used over and over again to the point of becoming obsolete and out-dated. With the right amount of creativity, acing your proposals is within your means! Here are a few DOs and DON’Ts of the Proposal Creation Process.

  1. Do – Break Ties with Generic Content

    It is common knowledge that content is the KEY. But how well do we use the key to unlock proposal possibilities?

    The first few lines of your proposal can determine its ultimate destination; Instant Commitment or Instant Trash. In this fast-paced world, no one wants to waste time reading a long and tedious proposal document, which would be just a mumble-jumble of quotes, terms, and conditions. Get creative with the content to attract attention. Make the first few lines of the proposal on how your business can provide the best solution for the challenge that the client is facing. It is essential to frame the content to spark an instant connection with the target audience. Proposal management software consists of proposal creation and collaboration tools that facilitate the better composition of the proposal.

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  2. Don’t – Issues of Tone

    There is a huge difference between, “We have the best solution for your digital predicaments” and “We are your only hope to overcome your digital challenges”. The tone of the content matters. Breaking barriers and creating quirky proposals does not mean being brash and over-confident. It is essential to maintain professional decorum while being creative. Always moderate the content using proposal management tools before sending it to the clients.

  3. Do – Talk About Your Brand

    Your brand is your business identity. Talk about your brand and how it has created solutions. Leaders look for the dedication and passion shown on the proposal creation. If you take an adequate effort in creating something impressive, where you establish your brand’s reputation and success stories, it creates a lasting impression on the reader’s mind.

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  4. Don’t – Brag About Your Brand

    Sure, it is crucial to convey how awesome your brand and how much you have achieved through passion and dedication. But it is equally important to draw the line at the right time. Too much bragging annoys people, in general. Create a proposal that conveys the success behind your brand, without elaborating on the story and the means of achieving. Let us focus on keeping the proposal document in context through review and corrections in the proposal software.

  5. Do – Incorporate Your Brand Values

    The best way to show your clients and contemporaries your brand values is by demonstrating it. It doesn’t sync well with young leaders to promote something and practice differently. If your brand and business are committed to creating a greener tomorrow, sending your proposal hard copies through the mail will speak volumes of your action. Whereas, practicing what you preach, like encouraging your clients to execute the proposals digitally through eSignatures to avoid printing papers is a smart move. Incorporate your brand values in the proposal creation to make a sure impression.

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  6. Don’t – Depend on External Entities for Proposal Creation

    You and your team know the best about your business. Hiring a professional content writer will render you an executive-level of the content without a soul. Let your proposal speak of your passion, brand values, and dedication, which can be achieved only through possessing in-depth knowledge. Proposal Management Software allows you to collaborate with your team, make essential changes, get the insights of the relevant team experts, and create a winning proposal that is unique and professional

    Meeting the requirements of the clients start at the early stages. Provide a proposal that meets the requirements and standards of the current-era leaders. The proposals should reflect your brand and your business for the clients to consider you as a potential vendor. DocuCollab‘s Proposal Management Software is well-equipped with contemporary features that streamline and expedite your proposal process. Click here to learn more.