What started as a minor outbreak in Wuhan, China is now raking the world in its death grip. The WHO labelled the Coronavirus as a pandemic after it quickly spread to all the countries in the world. The pandemic caused a consequent effect of total lockdowns and quarantines. The sudden turn of tables from the usual routine caused a dystopian situation where half the workforce had to work from home and the other half to work round the clock on the field.

Working From Home or WFH has become the general norm with the lockdown getting extended in several parts of the world. Contracts during this period were and are being disrupted for businesses in all countries. Contract Management software comes in handy during this situation when contracts are being redrafted and renegotiated to accommodate the current crisis. With a reliable contract management software, the managing team can handle the contracts with ease even when working remotely.

Benefits of using Contract Management Software during remote working:

  1. Quick Search

    Contract Lifecycle Management software helps the managers to stay on top of things by the inbuilt search option that can retrieve relevant documents with ease and speed. With the onset of COVID-19 outbreak, businesses are seeing a rush in contract renegotiations to protect the interest of the business owners. A large number of such contractual documents can be verified and produced at short notice only through a powerful search engine. Contract Management tools greatly simplify the task as opposed to the conventional manual or spreadsheet contracts. Managers can perform the tasks remotely using the software, thereby removing the risk of going out to the office in the current situation.

  2. Notifications

    Working remotely, away from the professional set up of the office might cause the contract managers to forget or skip key dates and deadlines that should be followed with diligence. This insignificant human error has the potential to cause havoc on the contracts since missing deadlines is unprofessional. Contract management system software comes in useful in such issues where the system can be configured priorly to notify the administrators. The notifications tool helps the managers to bring attention to contracts which need to be cancelled or renewed thereby keeping the financial interests of the company safe. Remote workers can take action at the correct time on the documents.

  3. Centralized Repository

    The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed most of the office-going workforce to work from home. With a centralized repository system in the contract management software, the contract managers can easily work remotely by retrieving the documents anytime. The repository serves as the bank for all contracts and contract-related documents. Apart from providing privacy and security, the central repository is advantageous, especially during the lockdown period.

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  4. Due Reporting

    The contract management software helps the contract managers in filing their reports duly. With a comprehensive system, the managers can access any documents and prepare their relevant reports. Further, the reports can be shared with the team or managers in various formats.

  5. Track and Review

    The general population was pushed into lockdown without much prior notice due to the pandemic spread. Most of the official paperwork was dropped in the middle without proper closure. The contract management tools enable the contract managers to access contracts and review the stage at which it was stopped and resume the activities seamlessly.

  6. Complete tasks digitally

    The COVID-19 outbreak has ensured that people will not be leaving their premises for a long time except for essential works. Considering the current situation, it is not advisable to go out to complete contract-related tasks. With contract lifecycle management software, the managers can easily complete tasks digitally. Be it getting the e-signature or following up on the contract negotiation, all the tasks can be completed digitally with efficiency.

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  7. Privacy and Security

    Remote working always has the risk of privacy and security being hacked. Contract management software effectively eliminates such risks and enables a secure mode where the sensitive data stored in the system cannot be breached. This feature makes managing contracts easier while working remotely.

  8. Reliable Partner

    The worldwide COVID-19 crisis has brought to attention the necessity to go digital for businesses to sustain. The uncertain period has given rise to contracts being revised and renegotiated. For effective management of such changes, the contract managers are required to work round the clock efficiently to accommodate the alterations. With the contract management software, the managers can easily complete the obligations by accessing it from any place at any time, making the software versatile and convenient.

    Contract Management software, with its varied benefits, is the best investment that a business could make to be proactive in managing contracts and documents. The need and importance of the software have been brought to light by the pandemic lockdown.

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