Best Sales Enablement Tools

Smart salespeople use smart tools. As your sales team is the real driving factor of your business, you have to ensure they have tools that help enhance sales processes. In the technology world, you can easily get lost among the variety of tools, so we’ve shortlisted 9 tools that increase your sales team’s productivity and overall performance.

Crystal Knows

This is the tool that earns you business.  Simply speaking, Crystal will help you create emails by giving you all the information about a possible prospect. It is a complete game changer when it comes to drafting a bespoke and personalised email. The software fetches personality profiles of anyone you’re connected with and provides the best way to email, connect and approach them. It’s especially important to sales team – they’re working on hundreds of emails and amounts of data everyday so it’s easy to lose the “human factor”, so whenever a sales rep is communicating via email, Crystal automatically gives reply suggestions thus ensuring the communication is productive and “healthier”.


Yesware empowers your sales team to make better decisions by adding data and communication tools to your into your email workspace. It’s a great tool for doing targeted sales outreach and send a lot of emails in bulk. One of the problems that sales team often experience is the lack of personalisation – but who has time to personalise each message when you’re sending masses of them and it would literally take a full day to work through it? This is where sales team can benefit from Yesware – it allows to edit and send emails in bulk yet it still looks like you spent a lot of time personalising it. In addition, it tracks and provides a report on how your emails are performing, create alerts whenever there’s a new reply – basically, it’s an en efficient tool to handle all your emails.


One thing is to make a sale, another one is to keep the ongoing relationship with the customer. Cloze collects and organizes your contacts from your social media, email accounts, calendar and notes. It’s like a personal assistant that helps you manage professional relationships. Whenever you add a new contact, the app will pull everything you need to know about this connection: contact details, call and message logs, files you’ve exchanged, meetings, etc. Now you can start setting up tasks, reminders and to-do lists – Cloze will notify when the deadline is due or wherever you haven’t received an important email. On top of that, the app figures out who is an important person and send you reminders to get in touch with them.


As positive and unique customer experience is a vital part of winning sales and establish long-term B2C relationships, ResponseIQ comes in handy. Here’s how it works: once a user lands on your website, a pop-up appears and they can enter their phone number to request a call, and within 27 seconds someone from your sales team will get in touch with the potential customer. Your customers will appreciate your prompt service, because, honestly, no one wants to wait a full day for a callback. Companies who used ResponseIQ saw an increase of inbound calls from landing pages by 16.5% over 10-week period which resulted in increased number of sales. It gives you the opportunity to assist customer instantly and create “right here, right now” moment so you’re never going to lose a sale.


Have you ever checked how many visitors your website had? And how many of them are businesses? BreakfastLeads can check that for you. It identifies visitors on your website based on their footprint. Can you imagine that this data can be used for your advantage – you can find out which pages are most visited by businesses and which services they’re interested in. Now you can start targeting interested companies – plan cold calling campaign to get contact details of the relevant person at the company; or check company’s LinkedIn profile and connect with a relevant prospect there.


Cyfe creates a comprehensive and visually beautiful dashboard that helps you get the overall picture on how your business performs. It creates separate dashboards showing insights of all your platforms: web analytics, SalesForce, Google Analytics, social media, sales, project management, etc.  You can add customized widgets, pull reports and track the progress. When it comes to sales, connect your dashboard to your company’s sales statistics, find out which pages are the most popular, where the traffic is coming and what products people are interested in the most.


One of the best CRM and pipeline management tools for sales teams. Pipedrive gives you full visibility of different sales pipelines and comprehensive interface makes it easier to manage all prospects and deals. You can easily add and track activity, send emails in few clicks as the software integrates with many known mailing systems. A big plus is the reporting tool which helps monitor team sales targets, generate reports and analyze sales data. For sales managers it’s important to set up sales processes and monitor progress; for sales reps it’s convenient to have everything in one place, get reminders on the upcoming activities and have every bit of data organized. When sales reps have all information nicely tidied up and structured, they are less frustrated, more focused and productive.


The best salespeople are those who have the most knowledge: it’s not limited to sales but also SEO, marketing, network knowledge. Wappalyzer is a browser plugin that “spies” into a website and exposes what technology the website is using. It can detect server software, analytic tools, content management systems, eCommerce platforms and many more. This means that you can easily find out what your competitors or potential prospects are using. Use the information for your advantage and during the next sales call, it becomes much easier to sell the product because you’ll know how your client can benefit from it.


As mentioned before, your sales team heavily relies on correct information and easy access to documents. When your table is loaded with folders and paperwork, it doesn’t mean you’re being busy – quite the opposite, it drains down your productivity. To keep everything in one place, DocuCollab was designed to meet your sales needs and enable convenient collaboration. Whenever you work on a proposal, other colleagues can jump in the project, make edits and send feedback in real-time, so it eliminates the risk of errors or sending incorrect information to a prospect. What’s more, you are in control of who can access the document and track the changes being made. DocuCollab solutions have proven to reduce negotiation cycle and increase productivity by up to 70%.


Here are all sales enablement tools that help deliver the right message at the right time, stay organized and keep on top of daily tasks. When sales reps are equipped with right tools, they convert leads and close more deals faster. Leave a comment and let us know if you have any favourite sales tool that your business is using and cannot live without, maybe it’s one of those mentioned above?