A Unified Platform

DocuCollab is the ideal platform for streamlining contractual and proposal affairs seamlessly

Collaborate in Real-Time

With DocuCollab, you can effortlessly collaborate with your team in real-time and get things done swiftly.

Enhanced Security

Securing confidential documents and sensitive information is made easier with DocuCollab.

Store Securely

Store all the documents and files safely in DoucCollab and extract it instantly when required.

Integrate with Applications

DocuCollab enables users to integrate their CRM and ERP software for increased team productivity.

Negotiate with Ease

Easily negotiate with business partners on the contract terms with DocuCollab’s inherent features.

Organize to Perfection

With DocuCollab, you can create as many levels as required to organize your contract documents efficiently.

Work Remotely

DocuCollab enables users to sign in remotely and ensure business continuity at any point in time.

Control Efficiently

Control who can view, edit, or comment on the document. Ensure security at the paragraph level.

Monitor Access

Be notified of the people who accessed the document. Monitor the team’s movement around confidential data.

Authorization Levels

Assign and authorize levels within the team, thereby securing data from the team’s view.

Notifications & Alerts

Set alerts on important contract dates and be notified duly throughout the lifecycle of contracts.

Internal Review

With DocuCollab, you can move the contract/proposal content for internal legal review by tagging the responsible team.

Save Costs

DocuCollab is a cost-efficient platform that enables the users to save costs up to 60%

Close Faster

With DocuCollab as your Contract and Proposal Management partner, it is easier to close contracts and proposals rapidly.

eSign to Execute

Execute contracts and close deals quickly by incorporating the eSignature option. Expedite your process by 70%

Add Clauses

Add clauses and provisions by creating addendums and attaching them with the original documents.

Template the Content

Template the contract and proposal content for quicker and smooth contractual and proposal processing.

Gain Insights

Gain insights from your contracts through efficient management of contracts and update stakeholders of the developments.

Save Time

DocuCollab saves time in the creation of contracts and proposals, thereby increasing the productivity of the team.

Track Progress

Track the progress of proposals and contracts through its lifecycle and make informed decisions for their renewals.

Suitable for All Businesses

DocuCollab is an advanced platform that can be leveraged by all businesses across industry verticals efficiently.