Smart Contract lifecycle management (CLM) for intelligent enterprise

Find out why DocuCollab CLM is fastest when it comes to contracts closing cycle time.

Store and manage all contracts

in one place

Manage all contracts in one place

Handles all types of contracts, throughout their entire lifecycle, across your enterprise.

Whether it’s your sell side contracts, buy side contracts, HR agreements or any other complex agreements, with DocuCollab CLM, we’ve got it covered.

Centralize your contract management in one place and gain better control and visibility.


Central repository for entire company

Create a single repository of contracts in your enterprise by consolidating all your contracts into one repository

With highly flexible dynamic metadata in a single system, you have easy access to all contracts, documents, data and related conversations

Search or filter contract by extensive metadata

Find any contract in an instant using powerful full text search and highly extensible metadata

Full- text search and metadata based filters allow finding a contract by keyword, clause or term found in the document. Dynamic contracts linking provide 360-degree view for contracts and their related transactions

Smart contracts initiation and authoring

Self service contract launcher

Accelerate time to market with self-service contract generation interview wizard that have pre-approved templates, clauses and controls set by legal. A frictionless experience that is guaranteed to keep your business users happy and your legal department satisfied

Templates and clause library

Reduces errors and improve efficiency by keeping pre-approved contract templates in the central template library. Minimizes the risks associated with having outdated language in the contract with our templates. Easily create, configure and evolve contract templates for common documents, like NDAs,
MSAs or SOWs

Third party contracts

DocuCollab lets you easily import third-party paper to set up contracts and share for review and collaboration. Extract and assign custom metadata, terms and obligations to the contract and make it available for searching and reporting

Reduce contract review & negotiation by 70%

Achieve unprecedented speed and effectiveness in contract negotiations. Whether conducting internal reviews or external negotiations, get quicker turnaround times with revolutionary collaboration capability, automated tracking and contextual insights for smarter negotiations

Online redlining and version management

DocuCollab is the only contact management system that helps you manage negotiations without bouncing back and forth to Word or other document editing programs. Real time multi-user collaborative editing and instantaneous online redlining moves review faster and everyone stays in sync.

Internal and external collaboration

DocuCollab does not limit your collaboration to internal review only. You can invite your customers, suppliers and business partners for the same fast online collaborative review and redlining and move deals faster than ever before

Negotiate intelligently

While reviewing negotiated clauses, users can access clause library and related master or child documents. The platform offers them fallback clause options for each scenarios so they can quickly decide on positions and accelerate closure

Approve and finalize contracts with confidence

DocuCollab tracks and redlines edits in real time preventing any omission due to manual document comparison. In addition all review related conversations take place inside the document as comment threads and chat, thereby ensuring that full history is readily available in one place.

Paragraph level review and approvals

Secure approval for the entire document or just few paragraphs from a reviewer. Lock certain paragraphs in your templates to prevent unauthorized editing, while leave other sections open for editing. Hide sensitive sections from some reviewers while keeping it viewable by others

Fast and flexible approval workflows

Streamline contract approval by leveraging DocuCollab’s powerful data and metadata capability. Build pre-approval workflows for most common scenarios and reduce your legal bottlenecks. Trigger custom approval workflows based on deviations on key terms and ensure that all risks are mitigated

Bullet proof audit trail

DocuCollab tracks and redlines edits in real time preventing any omission due to manual document comparison. In addition all review related conversations take place inside the document as comment threads and chat, thereby ensuring that full history is readily available in one place

360 visibility and easy contract tracking

Easily find contracts

DocuCollab’s central repository with full- text search coupled with powerful metadata based filters makes it possible to find a contract by searching any keyword, clause or term found in the document. Dynamic contracts linking provide 360-degree visibility for every contract their related transactions

Personalized dashboard

No need to wait for IT to build you custom reports. Easily build your personalized
dashboard with set of report tiles for the information most relevant to you. Now you have all actionable information at your fingertips

Proactive alerts and notifications

Set alerts and notification for events throughout the contract lifecycle. Easily configurable alerts allow you to track contracts based on milestone dates (such as expiry, renewal, termination), contract obligations (dollar value, labor). You’ll never miss a deadline with DocuCollab

Effortless risk management and compliance

360 degree view of business

DocuCollab creates relationships between contracts (master-sub, parent-child,
amendments) to enable visibility and tracking of terms and conditions. Document linking can help users quickly understand the context around every contract, its associated proposal, SoW and other agreements. This 360 degree view helps track potential liabilities and improve business visibility

Obligations and commitment tracking

DocuCollab allows for explicit tracking of contractual commitments and obligations for a contract. As a result, once the contract is executed and it moves to implementation stage, implementors have full visibility into contractual obligations and commitment, their key dates and potential impact

Comprehensive audit trail

During contract authoring and negotiation, all changes, conversation thread, chat and dialog are captured inside the document itself. As a result, you can easily trace any decision to it’s original context. In the event of audit, you have all supporting historical information in one place, thereby boosting your compliance
readiness significantly