How DocuCollab Can Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Business automation has become a trending phrase in a digital world. Everybody is talking about automating their workflows to increase productivity. However, employees are often equipped with loads of different software which, in the end, is handled inefficiently and can massively impact your team’s productivity. To eliminate these risks, we’ve created DocuCollab – a document management software to make sure your team handles document workflows as efficiently as possible. Here’s how DocuCollab can positively impact your productivity.

1. Organised workflow

Do you remember the days when you spent hours reading a paper copy of T&Cs and hopelessly trying to find important information? These days are long gone.

Boost Your Team’s ProductivitySince the introduction of the cloud, business operations became much easier to handle and ensured quick access to any file online. Paper documents are so restrictive in terms of finding the information quickly, let alone the hours you spent trying to retrieve the lost contract or invoice. The cost for lost or misplaced file is actually bigger than it looks at first. Searching for a specific document takes about 20% of employee’s time. If you run a big company and every employee will spend 20% looking for a missing file, just imagine how productive time and money are being wasted.

DocuCollab is a document management software that allows employees access and collaborate on time-sensitive projects in real time, which leads to much quicker decision making. In fact, our services have proven to boost employee’s productivity up to 70%.The end result – increased customer satisfaction and trust in your services.

2. Easier Document Retrieval

Surprisingly, 85% of companies are still documenting information in paper form. Imagine how these businesses are wasting their budget on storage, copy paper and printing services; moreover, it really slows down the business when it should be the opposite. According to Pricewaterhouse study, a company spends $25,000 to fill one file cabinet and an additional $2,100 a year to maintain that cabinet.

Technological innovations are there to facilitate workflow and automate processes and with document management software you can get rid of wasting your storage space and switch to digital file storing. It makes it easier to retrieve the documents and edit it without leaving the workspace.

Docucollab can Boost Your Team’s Productivity

3. Security and document safety

When it comes to reliability of business, it’s crucial to ensure that the information is stored and transferred securely. In fact, 48% of employees have emailed the wrong version of a file to a boss, client or coworker. Data breach and loss of important information are the nightmare of every company, that’s why choosing a reliable document management system will reduce the risk of documents being misplaced.

With DocuCollab, you’ll have the full control of the overall document writing and editing process. You can choose who can access the document and track what changes were made and who made them. On top of that, you are able to send the client only the portions of the document and leave out all the sensitive information. Compliance with legal requirements are also made easier and you can regularly check if you are up to date with latest regulations without wasting the time of other departments.

4. Accuracy

Docucollab can Boost Your Team’s ProductivityEvery time you are handwriting a document, you cannot avoid mistakes or the risk of missing out an important piece of information. It takes time to re-write and review a document while you have other daily tasks to be completed. The right document management and information accuracy is essential for legal and sales companies as they deal with contracts, legal information and personal clients’ data everyday. Using a document management system gives you the advantage to view and edit projects in real time, get instant feedback and at the end, you’ll always be presented with the latest version of the document.


Investing in a reliable document management system will transform the way you handle your paperwork. If you want to learn more about how DocuCollab can help improve your business productivity, please book a free demo and we’ll be happy answer any questions that you have.