How to Become a Paperless Office

Is it possible to become a 100% paperless office? Let’s be realistic – of course not. There are legal documents and invoices that have to be preserved in their paper form at all times. Even though it may seem that we are already using much less paper with the help of digital innovation, unfortunately, facts and figures show us a different story. Every year, the United States uses nearly 3.7 million tons of copy paper. It seems that a lot of companies are still hesitant to switch to digital document management although it is a sensible move to get rid […]

Ways to Keep Your Electronic Documents Safe Long-Term

A typical day of every office worker starts and begins with a computer. You are saving, exchanging and working on incredible amounts of information. Have you ever thought how vulnerable electronic files and emails are? Without proper protection and security, a company is constantly at risk of leaking sensitive information about its activities and client data.

According to TechWorld, over 707 million files have been lost or stolen in 2015 – that included photos, credit card information, contracts, phone numbers and more. Just imagine how it can affect business and your clients. In order to prevent hack attacks, below are proven […]

How DocuCollab Can Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Business automation has become a trending phrase in a digital world. Everybody is talking about automating their workflows to increase productivity. However, employees are often equipped with loads of different software which, in the end, is handled inefficiently and can massively impact your team’s productivity. To eliminate these risks, we’ve created DocuCollab – a document management software to make sure your team handles document workflows as efficiently as possible. Here’s how DocuCollab can positively impact your productivity.

1. Organised workflow

Do you remember the days when you spent hours reading a paper copy of T&Cs and hopelessly trying to find important information? […]

Key Benefits of Document Management Software

Is document management software is a solution for your business?

The answer is YES.

An effective document management system is imperative to ensure your daily operations are running smoothly, documents are safely stored and easily accessible.

But before starting, let us introduce you to the key facts about paper document management:

Fact 1: The average document gets copied 19 times

Fact 2: Companies spend $220 to retrieve lost documents

Fact 3: 7.5% of all documents get lost

Source: PWS whitepaper survey

Document management software (DMS) is a solution for any type of business to store, capture and collaborate on a document in a real time. Let’s focus on […]