Remote working has become the new norm in this pandemic-struck period. However, measuring productivity has become a complex task since the workforce is scattered due to the lockdown. Creating a proposal requires the expertise and inputs of professionals from various departments in an organization. Here are a few best practices to ensure maximum productivity with the proposal management software.

  1. Leverage the Technology

    More than a best practice, leveraging technology is the smart and logical move that every organization must adopt. It is especially important during the remote working period since technology is what connects the team with the management. Apart from ensuring that the workforce has adequate tools that equip them for their jobs and establishing a standardized communication system, the organization can accelerate its proposal activities by installing a sturdy Proposal Management Software. What makes a proposal software essential for today’s businesses is its agility and its ability to connect people instantly. The proposal management process requires intensive administration by the team to avoid errors and to achieve the organizational goals. With sturdy proposal software, the company can secure and organize the proposal documents, template the proposals, collaborate with the team, and review the changes made a document seamlessly.

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  2. Establish Communication

    The remote working period has disrupted the communication standards across departmental verticals, which affects the overall productivity of the organization. One of the best practices that the organization can implement in ensuring a higher productivity level is by establishing communication. With the workforce scattered around the place, the managers can’t oversee the jobs of the associates. But with effective communication, the team head can communicate the requirements and get it done without difficulty. Many popular video calling apps have cropped up that offer excellent communication platforms to connect for business purposes. Choosing a platform that renders maximum benefits and has clear video and audio quality can redefine communication. Scheduling calls throughout the day and assigning roles to the proposal team can expedite the process by manifold. Several successful companies have affirmed that constant communication through digital platforms has increased their team productivity during the pandemic-stricken period.

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  3. Team Spirit

    Productivity cannot be yielded through only assigning jobs and overseeing the completion of it. Remote working is strenuous than working at the office. Employees across different job verticals have registered how working at home affects their mental peace and their ability to perform well due to several factors. Building team spirit while working remotely is one of the major challenges that organizations face in today’s scenario. Business leaders and psychologists alike have stressed the importance of creating a virtual workspace, where interaction is made easier. Many organizations have conducted virtual games and sent across care packages to rejuvenate their teams. Creating and executing a business management proposal requires the expertise of the team as a whole. By nurturing the remote working environment through proactive measures, the organization can engage the employees and induce the team spirit in a positive way.

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    Remote working is way more complex than it sounds. But when done right, it can bring great results to the organization. It is essential to trust the ability of the team and equip them to work comfortably from their remote locations. DocuCollab‘s Proposal Management Software is one of the best in the market that provides a host of beneficial features that makes working remotely and increasing productivity a piece of cake for the users.

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